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Hansol Paper is exporting more than 50% of all production, and the quality is widely acknowledged, both in domestic and international markets.

Hansol Paper

Hansol Paper is the largest subsidiary of the Hansol Group, which was spun out of the Samsung family in 1991.
With operations since 1965 and investments in new modern technology and equipment as well as acquisitions, Hansol Paper is not only the largest paper manufacturer in Korea, but also the 3rd largest thermal paper manufacturer in the world!
Hansol has an annual capacity of more than 2 million tons from its 7 modern paper mills and has a wide range of products including printing & writing, thermal, duplex board and specialty paper.
The Hansol quality is widely acknowledged both in domestic and international markets. With global customers in 120 countries, Hansol Paper exports more than 50% of its products worldwide.
To establish itself as world-class environmental company, Hansol Paper is continually growing green with its "Green Management Vision 2020" strategy.
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