Paper. Print. Passion. Performance.

For over 100 years, we’ve been delivering the best in paper rolls and labels as a group of companies across Europe. From 2024 and beyond we operate as one brand. Together we are Schades Group.

Together we make things better.

Paper rolls, linerless & labels from the Industry Leader

For over a century, we’ve been the driving force in paper rolls and labelling across Europe.

Through our established brands R+S Group, Schades, Heipa, Prontro, and Omeko, we’ve built a legacy of quality and innovation. But as we continue to invest in our customers, products, facilities, and team, we realized it’s time to take the next step; we are unifying under one name: Schades Group.

This move reflects our commitment to a stronger, more collaborative future. By combining our expertise and resources, we’ll be able to deliver an even wider range of solutions and exceptional service to our valued customers.

Together, we make things better.

Whatever you need we can manage. No one in the industry can offer you a wider product portfolio.

Investing In Unity

Bound by a commitment to investing in customers, people, products and technology.

Embedded in our business philosophy is the belief that the key to success is investment. We continuously invest in outstanding operational processes and supply chain management, product innovation, world class facilities and machinery. This is done with the sole objective of ensuring our customers reap the benefits.

But it’s our investment in the relationships we have with our customers, colleagues and wider community that we’re most proud of.


We’ve invested heavily in the very best machinery, materials and production processes to ensure we are the most cost-effective supplier on the market.


With more than a century in the paper industry our team of experts know how to create quality products, on time and on budget, every time.


Our relentless pursuit of “making things better” is unmatched. We consistently deliver paper rolls and labels that are the perfect blend of sustainable, cost-effective and “perfect for purpose”.


For more than a century the teams behind Schades Group have been leading the industry in paper rolls and labels. Expertise is everything and that’s why we’ve amassed a collection of experts throughout Europe.


Our production facilities, processes and supply infrastructure means that we can be as agile as we are reliable. Operating from multiple locations gives us the perfect combination of flexibility and reliability.


Schades Group consists of a collection of strategically placed production and operational hubs throughout Europe. Our network is born from a shared belief that, together, we can deliver the very best products and services the industry has to offer.